The Latest

I’ve been painting “A Dog a Day” and actually working in at least two a day. They usually start on a canvas panel or piece of wood no larger than 6 x 8 inches. I try to work on two or three at a time, and sometimes will even have one leftover unfinished from the day before. My art journals have been neglected. But, I’m almost done with teaching Winter Wonder Full and will be focusing on finishing up my back yard mural:

The weather has been perfect for painting outside. I want to add a couple more dogs, some sunflowers, more cactus, and some words. Yes, I know that sounds like quite a bit, but there’s a bit more white space down there at the right and I also want it to look a little like a journal spread.

Speaking of journal spreads, the dogs show up in those, too. I left some excess paint down on a page, and when I opened the journal today to that page, I saw some dogs...

I’m thinking I will be selling most of the small pieces I’ve done, with a portion of the proceeds going to a shelter or rescue group. Who wants to buy one? They’re all on my Instagram account...Click in the lower right side of this blog to see them. Or here.

NaNoJouMo Ends

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's taken part in this year’s NaNoJouMo! I think it was the best yet! I liked the mixture of prompts and it sounds like you did, too!
And without further ado, the winner of the last giveaway:

 Happy Birthday Dawn!  Thanks for giving us another chance to win your amazing book and for generously giving us the prompts for

Thank you ALL for playing and your wonderful enthusiasm for NaNoJouMo! The FB group stays open all year. NaNoJouMo will start up again Nov. 1, 2016! 

Oh, and to those of you who’ve won signed copies, I will be sending them all out to you this week. My apologies for the delay! Thank you!